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even if they are trolling it’s still a pretty neat thing to think about imo (esp if you consider the possibility that laney gets together with CARRIE when corey wants to confess oh yessssss)

It’s totally fine/interesting to think about and in fact is what I’d imagine most people’s head canons are! People just seem to be reacting to the revelation that Laney is a thirteen year old kid and might experience some changing feelings to mean that Corey/Laney is dead even though that… doesn’t mean they couldn’t still get together in the end (especially given that the peeps behind the Neptoonstudios blog have outed themselves as pretty steadfast Corney folk). I’m just like 99% sure they finally got tired of all the asks pertaining to it and it’s just being taken seriously.

P sure neptoonstudios is trollin’ guys


lots of redheads
and no one was surprised

All these asks over at the neptoonstudios blog makin me sweat

For real if you actually asked me about nsfw head canon about a given OTP, and i mean like for real nsfw head canon, highly specific physical and emotional head canon, not just “sometimes they do it” I could and would talk forEVER but I never do because a) i still cling to the foolish delusion that I’m a respectable adult/am shy and b) no one ever asks.

This has been your 2:30 am confession.

((GIRL.... here we go: Viking AU, Ghost AU, Gangster/Mafia/Film Noir AU, Space AU, Vamp AU, God/dess Au, Highschool But Not a Student AU, Monster AU, Programmer AU, Robot AU, wow that's a lot maybe I should cool it.))


{ B’)””’ }

Viking AU: She’s either the sister to a great viking leader or she is the great viking leader. Either way she has a sword, and a lot of ships and no one messes with her. Are there dragons in this au too? I hope so.

Ghost AU: Summoned by some dumb kids messing with a ouija board, Lanes was murdered quite a while ago and now haunts the corridors of some big abandoned house. 

Gangster/Maf/Film Noir AU: Laney’s one of the best ladies they’ve got on the force; no funny business, no missed targets, and one of the cleanest track records to date. Probably not in her best interest to fall for the mafia head’s son. 

Space AU: A skilled linguist, Lanes acts as the crew’s translator and negotiator on unfamiliar planets. She’s gotten her captain out of more tight binds than she’d like to recall. 

Vamp AU: Dared to explore some creepy abandoned house on a dare, Laney becomes the best friend and only link to the outside world for a particularly friendly blue haired vampire. 

God/dess AU: She’s either the goddess with the shortest fuse and the hottest temper, or she’s the reluctant nanny of one bursting-with-energy-and-self-confidence rock god. 

Highschool But Not Students AU: Laney’s definitely the principle, but because her school falls under the dictation of the teacher’s union, she can’t fire the one who wants her spot at the top.

Monster AU: Lanes is definitely a gargoyle, all sharp and hard on the outside, big ol’ softy on the inside. 

Programmer AU: Lanes is the grumpiest, latest working programmer for sure. Always wants everything done perfectly. 

Robot AU: I could see her as a companion android, maybe a prototype someone dug out of the scrap heap and polished up, or she could be a totally kickass fighter bot that gets tossed for a newer model and then has to work her way back to the top of the charts with the help of a few new friends. 

they always said rock was the devil’s music

they always said rock was the devil’s music


Long day of superhero-ing


Long day of superhero-ing

rock goddess/hellspawn

rock goddess/hellspawn